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Sea Spray Auction Recap: Winners And, Well, More Winners

Now that the smoke has cleared on the Sea Spray auction and East Hampton pockets an additional $300,000 in rent, it's time to find out who will be shacked up on the ocean this summer. While the names might not ring any bells, the dollar amounts speak for themselves. And the winners are...

One-bedroom attached unit (closest to Main Beach parking lot): Michele del Gadio, $30,000
One-bedroom attached unit: Michael P. Clifford, $47,000

One-bedroom attached unit: John and Augusta Folks, $48,000
One-bedroom attached unit: Roberta Golubock, a previous tenant, $50,000

Two-bedroom attached unit: Stephen Hasker, another previous tenant, $50,000

One-bedroom stand-alone cottage: Ronald J. Kramer, $50,000
One-bedroom stand-alone cottage: Michael Grier Eliasek, $51,000

Two-bedroom, one-bath attached unit with a fireplace: Douglas Friedrich, $68,000
Two-bedroom, one-bath attached unit with a fireplace: Elsie Goldberg, $95,000

Three-bedroom, two-bath cottage: Colin Ambrose, owner of Estia's Little Kitchen in Sag Harbor, $72,000
Three-bedroom, two-bath cottage: Timothy Ingrassia, $74,000
Three-bedroom, two-bath cottage: Nancy Halis, $94,000
Three-bedroom, two-bath cottage: Donald Zucker, a New York City developer and village resident, $100,000

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