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Filmmaker Ed Burns Gets His Wainscott Revenge

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The writer/director tells Cindy Adams about his pre-"McMullen" work life and, shocker, it wasn't all Sundance and Christy Turlington. Ed used to work the Wainscott fields doing landscaping for $100 a day:
"It was awful, and I resented it. I ended up washing this guy's cars, mowing his huge lawn and endless hours putting in his front and back walks. So after my first success, the movie I made, 'The Brothers McMullen,' I knew what I'd do. I got the house next door. But this guy didn't ever recognize me. I'd been invisible to him. I was just a common landscaper. So every time I drove by I chucked an empty beer can on that lawn."
Should we be worried that Burns drives around the East End with empty beer cans in his car? Only in the Hamptons, kids.
· Cindy Adams [PageSix]