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King Kullen, Restaurants Proposed for New Southampton Subdivision

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Just south of Route 27, hidden back behind the Enclave Inn, sits a relatively derelict plot of land—12.4 acres, to be exact, that a developer hopes to transform into—oh yes—a subdivision! With a King Kullen! And four restaurants and banks and pharmacies and stuff. Locals know the area as Tuckahoe, "a mostly residential community without much of a commercial center," as the Southampton Press explains it, which is why the developer is touting the project as Tuckahoe Main Street. The plan was presented to the Southampton Town Board last week; we'll keep our eyes on this one. Meantime, can anyone orient us on the hard-to-place-on-a-map site scheme seen above?
· Developers Present New Plans for Tuckahoe Hamlet Center [27 East]

Enclave Inn Wainscott

380 Montauk Highway, Wainscott, New York

King Kullen

2044 Montauk Highway, Bridgehampton, NY 11932 Visit Website