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Club Impresario Snaps Up Venerable Crow's Nest Restaurant and Inn

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Those who admire the sedate bliss that Surf Lodge has brought to Montauk's Fort Pond, delight. Just up the road on the shores of Lake Montauk, legendary nightlife impresario Sean MacPherson has snapped up The Crow's Nest, the ageless (you know, in the way that your 96-year-old great aunt is described as ageless) restaurant and its associated 14-room inn. What's in store? The waking-from-winter-slumber kids at nightlife blog Guest of a Guest tracked down MacPherson, who explains: "We bought it and I plan on doing it and we will run it as is this season and reopen it as the new, improved Crow's Nest next season." Oh boy!

That's sure to be good news for the galavanters frozen out of Surf Lodge, but what will a makeover of this aged spot mean for the regulars? Herewith, several recent choice reviews of the place, via Zagat Survey:

SandraF2499: This is an amazing treasure, right at the end of MTK.... From start to finish, the Crows Nest is always my husband's and my favorite place to stay and eat when in MTK. From the chorizo crab cakes, to the sweet and meaty lobsters, to the amazing staff, it is truly a one of a kind place. I have been going to MTK since I was a baby, my family and I have been staying and dining at the Crows Nest for 30 years and we have never had a bad experience. ToniM4127: The fish tanks may be gone, but the food and service are the same after 20 years of my husband and I coming here. The pistachio encrusted salmon on fluffy polenta was WONDERFUL, salmon cooked to was the lobster stuffed fluke with a "not to creamy over-the-top sauce"! Even our Tequila Sunrises were great....(no skimping on the Tequila)! Just 'thinking about it' makes me want to go back right now!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hoo boy, ToniM4127!!!!!!!! Better hurry. The culture clash coming down the pike already has us more excited than it really has any right to. Meantime, for those unnerved by the news, might we recommend relaxing to the soothing sounds of waves heard over at the Inn's official website?
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Surf Lodge

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Crow's Nest

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