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Eight Days and Counting to Buttress Quogue's Eroding Beaches

Ah, April 1. April Fool's Day to some, sure, but to others—particularly those with beachfront homes along protected nesting areas—it's the day on which any sort of beach construction and restoration must halt to make way for the nesting of the piping plovers. With eight days to go and counting, CBS 2 takes a look at the frenzied effort underway along the beach in Quogue to buttress houses tormented by the recent nor'easter before time runs out. The big innovation: beached wales! No, not real beached wales, but rather new "100-foot-long eco-tubes," filled with sand and water, that resemble wales and, in the words of one observer, are "mind-boggling, prehistoric." And, one hopes, getting filled up in a hurry.
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