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Bridgehampton Restaurant Blogger Meets The Ecuadorian Larry King

Who's the boss? It wasn't so clear to Bruce Buschel after a trio of Ecuadorian workers showed up to work on his Bridgehampton house of fish. Already facing a delayed opening, the NY Times blogger (aka "Pancho") watched as the workmen's pursuit of perfection was putting him deeper in the hole, while also clashing with his idea of warts-and-all shabby chic. He had no choice but to gently nudge them in the direction of imperfection. Master craftsmen Juan, who learned English from watching Larry King, stood his ground: “I know what I am doing,” he said to Buschel. “You do not.” Perhaps, but he who writes the checks, makes the calls, so Juan had to play by Pancho's rules or adios! In the end, the boss outranked the King, the work continues, and the blog goes on...
· ‘I Am In Control, Mr. Pancho’ [NY Times]