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GPS Shows Man The Way To Jerry Seinfeld's East Hampton Home

Otis Raring thought it was too good to be true: a black 2008 Honda Odyssey minivan with just 3,600 miles, listed for much lower than similar cars online. Then the dealer tried to sweeten to deal by telling him that it used to belong to Jerry Seinfeld, but Raring was skeptical: “You’re kind of looking for a scam." Still, the deal was too good for Raring to pass up. It wasn't until he picked up the car and turned on the GPS that he discovered proof positive of Jerry's ownership: directions to Seinfeld's East Hampton estate were programmed into the unit, along with Shea Stadium and Central Park West. Apparently, Seinfeld's nanny used the minivan to shuttle around his kids. Any evidence of Jerry behind the wheel? Nada, nada, nada according to Raring: “Other than what was in the GPS, there’s no sign that it was his.”
· From New York to Texas, a Seinfeld Odyssey [NY Times]