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Hooters Is Not Hamptons-Bound; Dreams Of Hot Wings Die Quickly

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First, there was Snooki and The Situation, then word that Hooters was coming to the Hamptons this summer hit the rumorwire creating panic throughout the area. The Jersey-fication of the South Fork would be complete! Relax. The Hooters hubbub was all a big hoax perpetrated by a prankster with a fake sign and a dream of chicken wings served up by scantily-clad waitresses. According to 27east, a notice announcing Hooters' impending arrival was hung in front of a Bridgehampton garage over the weekend, causing quite a stir along Montauk Highway. The owner of the building claimed innocence and took down the sign, but refused to unmask the jokester. So what's really coming to that spot? A gas station and convenience store. Big hoot.
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