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Hamptons High-End Home Sales Hit Pause Button In 2009

2009 was no 2007 when it comes to pricey home sales out east. Heck, it wasn't even 2008. In their report of the Top Ten Most Expensive Sales of '09, local brokerage Town & Country uncovered only one transaction to break the $20 million mark: 120 Meadow Lane in Southampton, which sold for $25.89 million. Not bad, but a little perspective is needed. Sure, it topped 2009's list, but that deal would have placed 5th in 2008's rankings and would have dropped to 10th in 2007, which saw a chart-busting $103 million sale at the top of its list. And while it's not news that last year was bad for real estate, the slow drip of negative numbers from 2009 is still hard to swallow.
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