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Catcher In the Roe: NY Times Resto-Blogger Spawns A Name Game

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In his latest post, Times blogger and J.D. Salinger fan Bruce Buschel is suffering from writers block when it comes to a name for his Bridgehampton restaurant. While his inner Salinger wants to call it "Bananafish," the Hamptons aren't exactly Costa Rica, so he dropped the fruit and kept the "Fish." Dismissed as too generic, Buschel then turned to friends and strangers for inspiration ("Fishampton," "Aquavore"), but nothing clicked. So now it's up to you, people. We're looking for easy, fun, unique, Google-friendly, looks good on a logo, has an available domain name, and, oh yeah, it should say something about the place itself. As a launching point, he casts out 20 names under serious consideration, but also encourages you to think outside the Lox (yes, that was one idea). First, a little background to help you brainstorm: they'll serve fresh, local, and slow fish, grow veggies outside in a garden and price dishes from affordable to $$$$. Also, the restaurant is located near train tracks on the Sag Harbor/Bridgehampton Turnpike (aka CR39). Need more detail? Buschel goes multimedia with a computer-generated tour of the place-to-be-named-later.

Our personal favorites from his finalists? Fish39, The Pike, Fish Inn.
Our suggestion: Pike. Clean and simple. It's fishy, yet also geographically significant, and "I Like Pike" has a nice ring to it. Regardless, whatever name floats to the top, we're already hooked.
·A Perfect Day to Name a Fish Restaurant [NYTimes]