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How To Live Like Madonna This Summer In The Hamptons

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Continuing Rental Special Month, we're thought it'd be fun to rub elbows with Bridgehampton's latest high-profile land owner, Madonna. With her much publicized purchase of Wild Ocean Farm, Madge has put horse country firmly on the map and inspired us to search for lodging in and around the farms and stables of Bridgehampton. But while we may be able to live near her, we can't all spend like her, so we're featuring rentals for all budgets.

Here are 10 Summer Rentals In Bridgehampton Horse Country:

10. The Rental: Starter Horse Country
MD-LD: $45,000
The Skinny: Starting off on the low end, this charming farmhouse has wide plank floors, a heated pool and tons of sun.
Listing: Bridgehampton Horse Country [Corcoran]

9. The Rental: Bridgehampton Farmfield
MD-LD: $60,000
The Skinny: Spread out over 1.6 acres of open land and enjoy the killer sunsets.
Listing: Bridgehampton Farmfield Rental [Saunders]

8. The Rental: Summer Estate
MD-LD: $95,000
The Skinny: Leave the car behind and hoof it over to the nearby vineyards and stables of the area from this house.
Listing: Bridgehampton Summer Estate [Perspective]

7. The Rental: All The Pretty Horses
MD-LD: $100,000
The Skinny: Tower above neighboring horse farm with this Lumber Lane traditional that sports 4 to 5 bedrooms and a heated gunite pool.
Listing: Where The Horses Graze [Elliman]

6. The Rental: Horse Country Views
MD-LD: $110,000
The Skinny: Views that stretch from the farm to Mecox Bay, 4 master suites, 20 seat dining room, 42' gunite pool, and more!
Listing: Views Over Bridgehampton Horse Country [BHS]

5. The Rental: Traditional Farm Country
MD-LD: $165,000
The Skinny: Nothing flashy, but a classic Hamptons home. Everything you need on 2 acres of land. The sweet spot.
Listing: Gorgeous Traditional In Bridgehampton Farm Country [T&C]

4. The Rental: Bridgehampton Oasis
MD-LD: $200,000
The Skinny: 5 bedrooms, 6 1/2 baths, 4 fireplaces, and farm views. Plus, easy access to Hampton Classic.
Listing: Bridgehampton Oasis [T&C]

3. The Rental: Surrounded By Farms
MD-LD: $250,000
The Skinny: Attention, golfers! This 5,000 square footer comes with its own puting green.
Listing: Bridgehampton Enveloped By Farmfield Views [T&C]

2. The Rental: Postmodern Gem
MD-LD: $330,000
The Skinny: "Postmodern Gem" could be used to describe Madonna back in the day, but for our purposes we're talking about 7 beds, 6 1/2 baths and a heated pool on 1.8 acres near Mecox Bay.
Listing: Postmodern Gem with Horse Farm Views [Main Street]

1. The Rental: The Designer Showhouse
MD-LD: $450,000
The Skinny: Not exactly horse country, but this 2007 Hampton Designer Showhouse tops our list with 10,000 square feet of living space, 7 bedrooms and 9 1/2 baths overlooking farm fields. Madonna would be jealous.
Listing: 2007 Hampton Designer Showhouse [Saunders]