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7 Alternatives To Sea Spray Cottages In East Hampton

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There's much ado about the upcoming Sea Spray auction, but why bother bidding when you can just write a check for one of these East Hampton summer rentals near the ocean. Here are 7 Alternatives To The Sea Spray Cottages:

7. The Rental: A Fortnight On Lily Pond
Last 2 Weeks of August: $110,000
The Skinny: Go short-term on this two-acre oceanfront property with 6 bedrooms and a pool.
Listing: Brand New Lily Pond Oceanfront [Main Street]

6. The Rental: God Bless, East Hampton
July: $150,000
The Skinny: Celebrate the 4th of July at this cottage, which technically isn't on the water, but has access to the adjacent oceanfront property.
Listing: East Hampton Oceanfront [BHS]

5. The Rental: Further Lane-ish
July/Aug-LD: $225,000, July: $100,000, Aug-LD: $125,000
The Skinny: Beach house with deeded ocean access, this 4 bedroom house has a 45' heated gunite pool and sweet ocean views.
Listing: Further Lane Vicinity, Ocean Access [BHS]

4. The Rental: Lily Pond Lane
July-LD: $225,000, July: $125,000, August-LD: $125,000
The Skinny: 4 bedroom house with beach access, close to Madonna, who's rumored to be renting in the area.
Listing: Oceanfront Rental on Lily Pond Lane [Corcoran]

3. The Rental: Two Houses, One Ocean
MD-LD: $250,000
The Skinny: A 2,500 square foot main house, plus a 1,200 square foot second residence.
Listing: Mansard Style [Elliman]

2. The Rental: Contemporary Cottage
August: $250,000
The Skinny: Spend a month at this oceanfront home with 5 bedrooms, 5 baths and much dockage.
Listing: Oceanfront Cottage [Main Street]

1. The Rental: Oceanfront Getaway
July-LD: $475,000
The Skinny: 5 bedrooms, 5 bathrooms, and zero photos of the house. Why so shy?
Listing: Get Away To The Ocean