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Alec Baldwin Adds Bookmobile To His Amagansett Estate

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Massapequa ain't the Hamptons, but Alec Baldwin is doing his part to bring a little piece of his native Long Island town to the East End. The Observer reports that Baldwin paid $1,000 for the Massapequa Library Bookmobile, then towed the rundown vehicle to his Amagansett home. "We were thinking of scrapping it and then he called us himself," says the library director. The 60's era mobile library originally cost $13,000, but would run at least $200,000 to replace today, which begs the question, are people still building bookmobiles? But we digress. What's Baldwin's vision for the movable library? A children's playhouse or an office.
· Alec Baldwin Buys Massapequa Bookmobile [NYO]