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Reservoir Dogs To Resto-Blogger's Rescue? Warning: Spoilers Ahead

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Last we checked, Times blogger Bruce Buschel needed a chef--badly--and put a call into Vegas restauranteur and culinary superstar Rick Moonen. Much to his surprise, Moonen called Buschel back and pledged to help find his man. Before you know it, a band of food brothers, dubbed the "Reservoir Dogs," shows up in Bridgehampton with a serious proposal: the head chef will dig in for the summer, then hightail it out of town before the winter chill sets in. Cut to: questions being asked, points being made, and jabs being thrown before it all ends in a Mexican standoff. Meanwhile, the parade of prospective chefs continued. One argues that nobody will ever eat fish two times in one meal. Cut! One wants Buschel to dumb down the restaurant with sawdust on the floor and fish & chips on the menu. Next! Another Moonen disciple sounds promising, but he's only got money on the mind. What's the third act? More auditions, more decisions and more drinking before the big premiere in April.
· Too Many Chefs Spoil the Dream, Part 2 [NY Times]