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Real Estate Bigwig Sues After Renting $195,000 Hamptons Hellhole

Spending six weeks on an oceanfront estate in Southampton sounds like heaven to us, but according to one high-profile summer renter, it was pure torture. Keith Rubenstein, of real estate firm Somerset Partners, is suing the owners of the Meadow Lane home that he rented last summer, claiming it was a high-priced dump. What went wrong? Bad A/C, broken appliances, dead bushes, missing umbrellas, a busted spa, loose deck boards, and a thorn-filled path to the beach turned this oasis into a Hamptons Hades. Rubeinstein is demanding the return of his $19,500 security deposit along with a quarter of the $195,000 rent. The owners are countering that Rubenstein and family caused much damage to the property and are looking for an additional $4,644.35. Naturally, Rubenstein's attorney dismisses these claims as completely bogus. With this dispute now in the lawyers' hands, think we've heard the last of this? Hell, no.
· Real estate big Keith Rubenstein says $195K, six-week Hamptons 'luxury' house a hellhole; sues owner [Daily News]