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Bummin' In East Hampton: How High Will The Sea Spray Auction Fly?

There's an invasion headed toward East Hampton's Main Beach, but this one's less D-Day and more eBay. The Sea Spray Cottages public auction is being held on Saturday and long-time summer renters are bracing for an onslaught of big money and heading toward lower-priced ground, says the NY Times. Former Beatles manager Peter Brown has rented for 27 years and spent over $100,000 in improvements for his seasonal piece of oceanfront heaven, but come Saturday, he can kiss it all goodbye. Bidding for Brown's desirable beach shack starts at $45,000, the price he paid for last season, and he's decided to look elsewhere. “It will never be what it was,” laments Brown. While no one is sure how high the bidding will go, don't underestimate the wealthy, but beach-less Hamptonite who's just looking for a pied-a-pee. “It’s like having your own bathroom and sitting room on the beach," says one broker. One former tenant who probably isn't bummed? Nancy Shevell, girlfriend of Amagansett resident Paul McCartney.
· An Auction for the Upscale Beach Bum [NY Times]

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