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Matthew Broderick Is Moving To Beach Lane, On TV That Is

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As the Jersey Shore rumors spread, word comes that another Hamptons-based show might be coming to TV--but don't worry, this one promises to be Snooki-free. Bridgehampton's Matthew Broderick will star in an NBC comedy pilot called "Beach Lane," which centers around a struggling small-town newspaper in the Hamptons. Broderick will play a celebrity author who is lured to run the paper by an irresponsible millionaire heir. Also, his character will go by the nickname "The Situation." Kidding! Fellow Hamptonite Lorne Michaels will be executive producing. No word on whether any actual shooting will take place on the East End.
· Matthew Broderick heads to "Beach" for TV pilot [Reuters]

UPDATE: Besides his TV move, Broderick and wife Sarah Jessica Parker had moved on from their Bridgehampton residence. Amagansett is home now. Even closer to boss Lorne!