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Former Yahoo Exec Builds Illegal Boardwalk On Amagansett Dunes

For a guy who didn't make much of a splash as Yahoo CEO, Terry Semel sure likes to stir things up in the Hamptons. First, word got out that he was sparring with his neighbors, now he's getting flagged by East Hampton Town for building a boardwalk from his property to the beach without the proper permits. Along with neighbor Larry Gagosian, Semel apparently built an 800-foot walkway from their oceanfront compounds through Nature Conservancy land, possibly compromising the integrity of the dunes. On Semel's side, you have the Conservancy who claims a boardwalk has been there since the 1970s. On the other side is the Town of East Hampton and dune-loving East Enders. While there are conflicting assessments from both sides about whether an older version of the boardwalk already existed and predated permits, Semel's old nemesis could help decide his fate again. Aerial photos--Google Earth, perhaps?--apparently show no evidence of its '70s existence.
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