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Inside "Beach Lane": More Details About Matthew Broderick's Hamptons TV Show

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We hate spoilers. So when a copy of the script for Matthew Broderick's upcoming Hamptons-based TV show "Beach Lane" mysteriously appeared in our inbox, we were a little hesitant to take a peek. Of course, that pause lasted about two seconds before we downloaded the file and started to read it. Our take: funny! And while we're not in the business of revealing all of the pilot's details, we thought it'd be fun to share a few Hamptons-related tidbits.

As we've already reported, Matthew plays a famous writer who gets lured to the Hamptons by a reckless millionaire to run a struggling local newspaper. A few more details:

-Dockhampton is the name of the fictional town where the show takes place. Described as a having a "one stop-light Main Street," we call it Sag Harbor.

-The local newspaper previously mentioned is called the Dockhampton Gazette. Sag Harbor Express, anyone?

-One news story in town centers around an old, broken-down, but historical building that's trying to be preserved by a group called the "Committee For The Preservation Of Historical Dockhampton." (Insert any one of the many East End preservation groups)

-As currently scripted, the show features many celebrity cameos, including one by a famous East End homeowner/local businessman.

-Oh, and did we mention, it's funny! Lots of laughs, strong characters and plenty of references that Hamptonites will enjoy: potato jokes, locals vs. weekenders griping, and a debate over the merits of having a 7-11 in town.