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Hampton Library Really, Really Excited about New Trees

The recently overhauled Hampton Library, which is now Victorian in the front, party in the back, is about to welcome two tiny trees. And it couldn't be more excited! The trees belong to the Elm family, but actually derive from a very specific type, which come straight from Washington DC. A few years back, a plant pathologist (?) noticed that an Elm in the National Mall "seemed to leaf out earlier in spring than others, and held its leaves much longer in the fall." After propagating the new Elm, the pathologist sold some to Sag Harbor, which nurtured them in Amagansett until they were ready for planting. Now they're ready for planting! And some library reps can't contain themselves: "we're delighted and elated at the opportunity to put these trees in at the library. These trees have meaning."
· Bringing Back the Local Elms [Sag Harbor Online]