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$4.695M East Hampton Contemporary Has Modern-Day Moat

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Aft first glance, this rectilinear spec house looks a lot like most other contemporary homes in the Hamptons: walls of glass, sleek decor, living room surrounded by water. Wait, scratch that, the waterfront living room, which is bound by a modern-day moat on three sides, is anything but typical. Evidently the award-winning architect who built this place knows how to make an impact! In addition to offering quirky takes on medieval amenities, this $4.695 million home also boasts five en suite bedrooms, nearly two acres of land, and unique windows that actually make some walls look like they're floating. Priceless! According to records, the home was also built on land purchased for an even $1 million in 2009.
· Listing: 33 Old Orchard Lane [Corcoran]