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The Curbed Cup is Coming! Name the Best Neighborhood of 2010!

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For the first time in Curbed Hamptons' history comes the Curbed Cup. Finally, a chance for you to vote for the East End neighborhood of the year! And for the most deserving hamlet to win this digital, but no less sparkly, trophy. The competition kicks off in earnest next week, but before it can, Curbed Hamptons needs your help.

The Curbed Cup tournament will consist of a bracket-style face-off between eight neighborhoods. Perhaps you'd like to nominate one? Good! The selection committee is looking for input. State your case for any East End neighborhood in the comments section. And remember, Curbed readers love a nabe with the most development, retail, and restaurant action around, so try and work that into your reasoning. Nominations can also be sent to We look forward to hearing from you!