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Nestled Sagg Cottage Listed in August, in Contract by December

How long does it take a unique looking Sagaponack cottage to sell these days? Well, if this particular property is to be any indication, a solid five months is your answer! The nestled cottage first hit the market during the heat of things in August of last summer. With a long driveway and impressive views, the home seemed suited to a $7.495 million price tag. But come October, and nary a buyer in sight, the price dropped to $6.75 million, and attracted a buyer within nine weeks. Whether it was the sizable PriceChop or the home's angular facade (a motif repeated in the pool!) that ultimately did the trick, we don't know. But we do know there's one less winner on the market in Sagg these days.
· Listing: Sagaponack South on Reserve [Saunders]