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So What about Kelsey Grammer's Bridgehampton Estate?

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During the course of their marriage, actor Kelsey Grammer and wife Camille amassed quite a real estate portfolio. Included in that portfolio is a Joe Farrell-built Bridgehampton estate, which they picked up in 2006 for about $8.5 million. Now that the couple is splitting, though, one has to wonder who'll get this 8,000-square-foot shingled home. It seems both parties are indifferent to it, as they tried listing it once in 2008 for $15.6 million and once in 2009 for $13.9 million. But this question is really second to whether or not Camille will have to become an honorary Real Housewife of New York if she loses the Malibu home, but keeps the Bridge one.
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