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After Stint at $6.9M, Designer-Owned Home Tries $4.995M

In June of 2009, "one of the country's most famous luxury design teams" (broker's words) decided to list its 6,500-square-foot home in Georgica. The house, which sits on an acre of land, is unsurprisingly decorated to the nines. Perhaps why the original listing was stamped with a $6.9 million price tag? Today, the designer-owned home is just as attractive, but a little more reasonable: it recently popped up with Corcoran for only $4.995 million. (The house was most recently priced at $5.5 million, so this is a pretty substantial chop.) The new listing says the home was also landscaped "by one of the Hampton's best landscape designers." So much talent squeezed into one property!
· Listing: 325 Georgica Road [Corcoran]