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Developer Uses The Old 'Self-Demolishing' Excuse for Historic Barn

Adjacent to the LIRR in East Hampton sits a 5.7-acre plot of land with a couple of historic structures, including a "100-year-old greenhouse" and a "19th century barn." When evaluating the buildings, East Hampton's preservation consultant (what a title!) noted that "the barn is 'perhaps the most significant building on the property'" because "few barns survive in the village." Unfortunately, the parcel's developer, who wants to subdivide the swath of land into six one-acre lots, isn't so keen to protect the barn. In fact, when "asked by the board to provide greater clarity as to his client's intentions" for the structures, the developer's lawyer responded, "Well, the barn is pretty much self-demolishing right now." A likely excuse! Either way, the East Hampton Star notes that the developer is still "undecided" about which buildings he "planned to keep and which would be demolished."
· Keep The Name, Lose the Greenhouse? [EH Star]