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After $1.6M Chop, $6.295 Oceanfront Gets The Contract It Deserves

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This 2,300-square-foot Amagansett house's journey started back in 2007 when its owners overhauled the entire thing. Marvin windows, a cedar shake roof, and a beachy new kitchen were notable additions. By 2009, the owners decided to list the property for $7.9 million, well over $5 million more than what it traded for back in 2004. Unfortunately, that asking price didn't stir too much interest, and the price eventually tumbled down to $6.250 million—a bargain by oceanfront standards! Luckily the PriceChop worked, recently leaving the property safely in contract. So what will the new buyers get? A quarter-acre piece of land, a 1,000-square-foot deck, and a nifty upside down floor plan. Gotta maximize those views!

· Listing: Oceanfront Jewel [Saunders]