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$26M Montauk Land Adds New Meaning to 'Living on The Edge'

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In a market filled with cookie-cutter plots of land, usually on roads with "Halsey" in the name, it's always exciting to see a unique land offering hit the market. And look, here's one! Priced at $26 million, this five acre estate encompasses three separate lots and a bunch of vintage cottages. There's even a lone smokestack that ostensibly serves no other purpose than looking cool. But the real draw here is the dramatic oceanfront, which actually sits as far east as you can get. Literally, the end. (Unless you lived in the lighthouse.) According to old deeds, it seems the three parcels were all traded separately over the past five years for a grand total of $25.9 million, with the middle parcel claiming $15 million in 2007. That particular parcel can also handle "a major two story house and pool." A real opportunity to live on the edge...of a cliff and Long Island.
· Montauk - One of A Kind [Saunders]

Montauk Lighthouse

2000 Montauk Highway, Montauk, NY 11954