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100 Years Later, How Has This $2.4M Home Changed?

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Over one hundred years ago, Harry and Virginia Sayres (of Sayres Path...there are roads named after them!) built a Victorian home in Bridgehampton. Lucky for us, someone decided to take a picture of it, so now we can figure out how the house has changed over all these years. First observation: it kinda looks the same! But that's a good thing, since the house looked good back in the day. Second observation: there's more square footage! According to the listing, the house was expanded by its current owners, Tony Victoria and Sally Ede, to add features like a solarium and other modern finishes. And that's probably why the Huffington Post encouraged Obama to buy the $2.399 million property back in '09. Not even the President can say no to historic charm and modern conveniences.
· Listing: 214 Maple Lane [Corcoran]