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Even at $1, Long Wharf Still out of Sag Harbor's Price Range

In 1945, Sag Harbor gave Long Wharf to Suffolk County because the property's maintenance costs were too darn high. Now, a couple of decades later, Suffolk County wants to rid itself of the dock and those pesky maintenance costs too. The county's even willing to sell the property to Sag Harbor for the unassuming sum of $1 and zero cents! Can you believe Sag harbor might not take the bait, and all because future repairs could cost a couple million? To push the deal along, Suffolk County has begun "the process of completing an inventory of Long Wharf, which will show what kind of repairs will be necessary in coming years." So far, the Wharf "seems to be in good shape," which means Sag's mayor might reconsider. But if he doesn't, some say the iconic property "could be put up for auction." Can anyone spare a dollar?
· Long Wharf on the Block? [Sag Harbor Online]