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Leasing Troubles Leave Almond without A Home...for Now!

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Something we can relate to! Almond Restaurant is on the prowl for new East End digs! After ten years in its current Bridgehampton location, the French Bistro will move out by December 5th. The decision comes after owners Eric Lemonides and Jason Weiner found their lease negotiations stalled. But the eatery will (hopefully) be back before we know it. Says Lemonides:

We are saddened to leave our Bridgehampton location after 10 years, as we made a home and many friends here. But moving forward with positive thoughts, we are excited to find a new home for Almond in the Hamptons to continue the many relationships we’ve established over the years. The restaurant will maintain its regular business hours until that fateful December day. And Almond's East 22nd street is of course always ready for your business too. Almond, joy!
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Almond Restaurant

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