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For $2.950 Modern, Owners Kept The Roofline, But Not Much Else

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Modernist Italian furniture dealer Lon Hamaekers and his partnern, Douglas Allen, have decided to list their Wainscott pad for $2.950 million. But the streamlined pad as you see it didn't always look so good. In fact, it started out as a dowdy 1970s chalet-style home. Fortunately architect Will Sharp had a "lemons into lemonade" moment, and was able to salvage the home's roofline and transform it into a stylish beach house. But the transformation wasn't easy! Says Sharp: "We kept the roofline, part of the foundation and the chimney ... but we considerably modified everything in between." And during the process, homeowner Douglas Allen "was pretty skeptical about whether or not it would come together." Regardless, the team persevered, and the result serves as a great place to show off the duo's eye-catching Italian furniture. Wonder if they'd sell this place furnished?
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