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Private Community Calls Polo Field Its Own 'Mosque Issue'

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In a spot of drama first picked up by Hamptons Chatter, residents of the Dune Alpin homeowners association have gone haywire over some polo. But everybody loves polo! What could possibly be the problem? Well, some homeowners don't like that the community's board leased its scenic easement land to a polo club last summer. (Horses apparently smell bad.) And now that the lease is up for renewal, they're taking action. So far, residents claim that as a scenic easement, the land cannot support commercial use, like the polo scrimmages and lessons the club plans to offer. But their legal argument isn't totally sound, especially because the polo club might not be a "commercial operation." Oh, and "the reintroduction of horses should be welcomed by all," says the polo club's owner. At first, we thought residents were exaggerating when they called this the "mosque issue of Dune Alpin." But maybe not.
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