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Former Deutsche Bank Chief Executive Lists $10.4M Cottage

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Here's a sight for sore eyes: a 1.9 acre First Neck Lane spread with a charming cottage and a $10.4 million price tag. The property's listed with Saunders & Associates, and can be left as is or overhauled into a 10,000-square-foot mansion. Plans are in place! The cottage's owner was once the chief executive of Deutsche Bank, but is "now chairman of a German telecommunications company." The intrigue doesn't stop there. According to an older New York Magazine article, the owner is also a member of the East End's social register, The Blue Book, and "son of Hitler's foreign minister ... who was hanged at Nuremberg." That's a lot to digest, so let's refocus on the house. It's 2,900-square-feet, and home to five bedrooms, quaint paneling, and a detached garage—all just feet from the ocean.
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