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Opponents Have Scrutinized Every Inch of Montauk's 7-Eleven

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Despite the controversy surrounding Montauk's relatively new 7-Eleven (people made Facebook groups!), the store hasn't actually done anything wrong, legally at least. But concerned citizens are still looking for ways to topple the lowly chain store, and their efforts are mighty crafty! So far, the only effective approach was to attack the store's signage, which is without the appropriate permits. Said attack left 7-Eleven with a couple citations...put that in your slurpee and blend it! But other efforts have been less successful. First, claiming the 7-Eleven is illegal because chain stores are prohibited in Montauk failed because, well, chain stores are not illegal in Montauk. And second, claiming some Cablevision wiring required a natural resources special permit tanked because the work was far too insignificant. But these mishaps probably won't stop anyone—there's always more to scrutinize!
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