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Over A Year Later, $2.995M Swanky Bridge Pad Finds A Contract

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For the past few months, we've kept a close eye on the swanky renovation on Hildreth Road in Bridgehampton. What started as an unassuming ranch back in 2006, when the current owners bought the place for $1.7 million, eventually yielded to a stylized beach house with all the right all the right places. But turning a profit in this market is tricky, so the property lingered on the market for over a year since it was first listed by Saunders in August of 2009. Fortunately, deflating the price from its original $3.595 million to a more humble $2.995 million helped seal the deal in under two months. Victory: so close you can taste it! According to older listings, this eye candy comes with farm views, .70 acres of land, and the ability to rent for up to $150k during peak summer months.
· Listing: South of the Highway Beach Modern [Saunders]