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Tiny Sag Cottage Obviously Comes with White Picket Fence

Nothing rounds off a storybook cottage more than a white picket fence, and that's probably why this $799,000 Sag Harbor property has one. Seriously, how can you say no to that fence? The home, which spans an unassuming 1,000-square-feet, was listed in mid-August for $995K. Without any takers, though, it has since dropped to its current price of just shy of $800K. But that's not the worst news, especially since the place was picked up in 2004 for $650K, so there's still room for appreciation. What else about the house? Other than its tiny stature, it also offers an equally tiny pool. Easy maintenance! And according to property records, it seems to be owned by an esteemed real estate lawyer.
· Listing: 87 Harrison Street [Corcoran]