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Alexa Hampton Makes New Construction Look Spec-tacular

[Photo Credit: Architectural Digest]

Interior designer Alexa Hampton's talent knows no bounds! Look, she even transformed this generic spec house into a "'calm, easygoing but stylish' weekend retreat." According to Hampton, the home came to her with some "lamentable details," like crystal-beaded chandeliers, peculiar niches ("the sort of place where you would stash figurines—if you had them"), and "out of whack" mantelpieces. But Hampton tackled these problems one by one, closing up the niches, toning down the over-the-top finishes, and getting those mantelpieces the hell out of there. The result? A sea of beachy whites amid welcoming finishes and punches of color. Pardon the pun, but this place is spec-tacular.
· Understated Beauty [Architectural Digest]