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French Mogul's $165k Rental Blunder Results in Lawsuit

Remember when that French mogul Matthieu Pigasse showed up at his $165,000 Meadow Lane oceanfront rental only to leave the next day? At the time, listing agent Jack Prizzi explained that Pigasse simply "didn't like the view." That'd normally be fine, we guess, except the homeowners never got the $25,000 deposit or another renter to fill Pigasse's place. Now the owners, "a company called Kandinsky Escape," are "suing Pigasse and the broker, Prudential Douglas Elliman, for leaving it high and dry." Fact is, this lawsuit has some merit, especially because Prudential never actually had Pigasse sign a contract...even after he camped out in the rental for his first and last night.
· French 'Ki$$ed off' Hamptons rent [NYP]