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Review Calls Southfork Kitchen 'Innovative, Original' And 'Expensive'

It took a few more months (and headaches) than anticipated, but Bruce Buschel's Southfork Kitchen is finally up and running. Good riddance to the pre-opening woes, hello to a fresh batch of new challenges. So far, the eatery's reviews have been appetizing. One tipster really liked the food, but hated the slow service typical of new operations. Another review, this time from the East Hampton Star, shares a similar albeit more favorable opinion. Of her inaugural meal, the Star's Laura Donnelly called the "warm slices of brioche" "rich, sweet, and delicious," the Berkshire pork belly "divine," and the porgy "perfectly crunchy." Overall, Donnelly found the restaurant "innovative, original, and as true to Mr. Buschel's mission statement of sustainability and local ingredients as can be," but "also very expensive." (She points to the $29 porgy and $12 chowder.) But here's a solution! Donnelly reminds Buschel that a mid-winter prix fixe menu would help "make it more affordable."
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