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Sag Harbor Success Story Leaves Flippers with Hefty Profit

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When we first laid eyes on this California-style Sag Harbor ranch, we thought "well, whoever renovated this did a fine job!" The stucco walls, the landscaping, the sleek white bathrooms—everything looked very "midcentury modern," as the broker put it. Even the price, $1.550 million, seemed pretty reasonable given that the property boasted a gunite pool and pool house as well. Apparently somebody else agreed with us, because only three months after hitting the market, the property has been listed as in contract. Well done! Best part is, property records indicate that the current owners picked the property up in July of 2009 for only $590,000. Looks like someone stands to earn a hefty profit.

· Listing: Welcome to the Coolest House [Saunders]