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$58M Mansion Not 'Everyone's Taste,' but Still Awesome

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Ever wondered what a $3 million kitchen looked like? Well, wonder no longer, because it'll look something like the Mark Stech-Novak-designed kitchen pictured above! The exuberant kitchen belongs to an equally exuberant house—one that's unsurprisingly on the market for $58.5 million. The mansion was erected by "real estate principal and chef Andrew Borrok," who shelled out $2,000 per square foot to build all 20,000 square feet of living space. So where'd all that square footage go? To a 10,000-bottle wine room, a 16-seat theater, and a colossal entry foyer. Of the interiors, listing agent Harald Grant had this to say: "[It's] Georgian slash traditional... it's not everyone's taste but it's extraordinarily built." Hm, last time we checked a "double-hearth staircase in cast bronze" looks good to anyone and everyone.
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