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Two Jeffrey Collé Estates Discounted by More Than $4M A Piece

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[Beechnut Hill Farm aerial photo credit: Alex Ferrone]

Premier East End builder Jeffrey Collé, whose roster of past clients includes Billy Joel, Donna Karan, and Alec Baldwin, has two really big Hamptons properties to sell: one's pondfront in the Georgica section of East Hampton and the other's situated on 42 acres of Bridgehampton horse country. So other than the same builder, what do these two seemingly different estates have in common? Matching discounts! A couple of weeks ago, Collé discounted the East Hampton property about $4.5 million, leaving it at $34.995 million, and the Bridgehampton property $4.995 million, leaving it at a mere $29.995 million. But discounts aside, now that we've taken a closer look at both properties, there's definitely another similarity: endless woodwork! This makes sense though since Collé practiced carpentry from his father and grandfather.
· Listing: 81 Briar Patch Road [Corcoran]
· Listing: 674 Scuttle Hole Rd [Corcoran]