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Hooray! Private Amagansett Windmill Now Available for $7.7M

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Windmills may define the East End, but they're a lot more fun when you have them all to yourself—just ask the Clintons. And for that reason, take a second to appreciate this newly-listed circa 1830 Amagansett cottage, which has a nifty little windmill attached right to it. Cool! The property costs $7.7 windmillion, which might seem like a lot for a tiny if not charming home. But once you realize that the cottage is attached to over five acres of prime Amagansett north land (the driveway is 650' long!), things start to make more sense. An extensive apple orchard rounds the estate off, making this one of the more unique properties to hit the market post-summer.
· Magical Windmill on Magnificent Property [Devlin McNiff[