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$10M Water Mill Mansion Will Try Anything Once

Artist Setsuo Ito's Water Mill showplace first hit our radar back in August. At that point, Ito was ready to quit the Hamptons and broker Jacky Teplitzky decided the occasion called for a non-minimum auction. But, wait a minute, doesn't seem like a bid was ever accepted! In fact, the house has now popped with several other brokers for $9.95 million, with a chunk of its land getting the same treatment.

For those not keeping track, let's review all of the property's attempts at luring a buyer. First there was a spread in the WSJ, then there was the $30 million asking price. Thereafter was the no-minimum auction, followed by a snazzy new website, facebook page, brochure, cameo on NBC New York, and a handful more brokers. But seriously, this house is basically up for anything.
· 984 Noyac Path [Official Website]