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Jay Flagg Heads to Saunders, Brings Christie Brinkley with Him

Last we heard from top broker Jay Flagg, he was in the midst of an unfortunate advertising snafu with the higher-ups at Prudential. But that bout of controversy's behind everyone now, especially since Flagg decided to join the Saunders & Associates team last week. Of its newest asset, Saunders' president had this to say: "Jay's depth of real estate knowledge and extensive deal making experience will assist us in achieving our objective to be the leading real estate firm in Southampton." And the new addition couldn't have come at a better time; Saunders also "plans to open an office in Southampton Village by the end of the year." (Might we suggest the old Saks location?) Either way, we're sure Saunders was happy to see that Flagg packed his infamous Christie Brinkley listing with him, which has been on the market for $15.75 million for the past few months.
· Listing: North Haven - Historic Harbor Front Home [Saunders]
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