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Intermix Co-Founder Sets up Shop in Modernist Sagg Development

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Even though Intermix has long been at home in the Hamptons, the trendy boutique's co-founder, Khajak Keledjian, hasn't had as much luck. In 2007, Keledjian found himself drawn to a contemporary home in the then-newly envisioned Houses at Sagaponac development, but the house wasn't actually for sale. Ain't that the worst? So Keledjian instead looked to build a modern-style barn on a piece of Bridgehampton land purchased for $1.75 million. A great alternative until that nasty downturn got in the way. But wait: Keledjian's first love at the Houses at Sagaponac ended up hitting the market thereafter! And at a $2.8 million's like an Intermix Warehouse Sale! All things said and done, Keledjian paid $3 million for the new place after waiting three years. So what's the house like?

As Keledjian puts it, the $3 million modernist pad is definitely "deluxe." The streamlined home was designed by Japanese architect Shigeru Ban, and spans four bedrooms and 4,000-square-feet of living space, which creates a courtyard around a pool. Mr. Intermix was also able to buy the house furnished, which is great because he liked the decor and hates "doing chores on the weekends." Highlights of the house's decor include a wall covered with "dozens of soot-dirtied butterflies fashioned from beer cans"—"an installation by the artist Paul Villinski that Mr. Keledjian bought with the house."
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