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Polo Patron Has $14.995M Southampton Spread to Sell

Looks like Joe DiMenna, Equuleus polo team's main patron, has decided to decamp from his $14.995 million Southampton estate. The property in question spans an unlikely 3.6 acres and offers a relatively reserved 19th century shingle-style cottage that likes to go by the name "Treetops." DiMenna picked the 10,000-square-foot house up in the late '90s after selling a prime swath of oceanfront land in Sagaponack for a total of $25 million. That notable parcel, which earned the seller nicknames like "land whore" (rude!), later became embroiled in a pretty big lawsuit after a couple of investors tried to divvy it up and make a quick buck. In other news, The Observer notes that DiMenna owns two other polo fields in the Hamptons, so this particular property is really just a drop in the water trough.
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