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Space-Age Pavilion's Source of Inspiration: Everything

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Remember when that bonkers space-age Shelter Island pavilion was just a mass of colorful parallelograms and some dirty mattresses? Well, given this shiny spread in Architectural Digest, seems like those days are long gone. In fact, this pad's inside is now just about as outrageous as its outside. But what does it all mean? According to owner/architect Stamberg & Aferiat, the reason the house looks like a million different things spun into one is because it is a million things spun into one. Says Aferiat: "We had become obsessed with the idea of putting everything we knew of art and the art of architecture into making our own defining object." One object to rule them all! The architects add that the house looks so gosh darn bright because its color palette doesn't "absorb or deaden light"—it amplifies it. But what will the neighbors think? (Wink: tell us.)
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