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The Big Aughties

Like a chaser to their 4th quarter summary, Elliman follows up with a report tallying up the past 10 years of Hamptons market activity. No surprise here: things were bigger, more expensive and tricked out like never before. To the numbers! To end the decade, average sale prices were $1.52 million, up from $607,014 in 2000, and median prices grew 124 percent to $825,000 from $367,250 in Y2K. The numbers grew, the square footage expanded, and so did the bling. Wine cellars, home theaters and other high-end amenities added some extra juice to the market. “It was as though houses were on steroids,” says Judi Desiderio of local Hamptons brokerage Town & Country Real Estate. Of course, things have quieted down at decade's end with budgets being chopped from $10 million to $3 million. "Less is more," says Desiderio. [TheRealDeal]